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One Million Species

are at risk of extinction.

The United States needs a

National Biodiversity Strategy

to save species and nature's benefits to people.


Species at risk of extinction


Groups Calling for Action


Major threats to biodiversity


Chance to protect species

The science is clear.

With one million species at risk of extinction, 3/4 of lands and 2/3 of oceans impacted by human activity, and billions of dollars of nature's benefits to people at risk, the science is clear: the biodiversity crisis is a threat to life as we know it.


The time to act is now.

While the science is clear about the scope and depth of the biodiversity crisis, it's also clear that we have time to reverse course if we act now. The time has come to develop a National Biodiversity Strategy to increase the nation's commitment to addressing the crisis and establish a comprehensive whole-of-government response to its drivers. 

Image by Francesca Di Pasqua

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Our future.

Tackling the biodiversity crisis is also a cultural and moral imperative, as well as an obligation we hold to future generations. 

Get to know us.

Who supports the call for a National Biodiversity Strategy? Find out here!

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